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AntiCancer Inc. Transgenic Nude  Mice Expressing Fluorescence Proteins
For imaging tumor host interaction.
For harvesting GFP, RFP and CFP bone marrow and other GFP, RFP and CFP tissues.
CFP Transgenic Mice
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S150.0 /each, plus shipping
Cat. # CFPNM0003
Tel: (858)654-2555
Email: all@anticancer.com
General Information:
The CFP nude mouse was obtained by crossing Balb/c nude mice with the transgenic C57/BL6 mouse in which the beta-actin promoter drives CFP expression in essentially all tissues.

For more information on RFP nude mice:
*Tran Cao, H.S., et al. Development of the transgenic cyan fluorescent protein (CFP)-expressing nude mouse for Technicolor” cancer imaging.  J.Cell. Biochem 107, 328-334, 2009
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